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3 Peaks Family Adventure

August 10, 2023

Since I was a child and in the Scouts I’ve wanted to complete the 3 Peaks Challenge. Whilst completing all 3 in 24 hours is too much for a family holiday, spreading it over a week is more than doable. We love to hike and were looking for a summer holiday what would include Einstein, the family Dachshund. The 3 Peaks sounded perfect!

Our Itinerary

  • Day 1 - Collect the motorhome and drive to Brascote
  • Day 2 - Drive to the Lake District
  • Day 3 - Rest day
  • Day 4 - Drive to Scotland
  • Day 5 - Hike Ben Nevis (1345m)
  • Day 6 - Drive back to England
  • Day 7 - Hike Scafell Pike (978m)
  • Day 8 - Drive to Wales
  • Day 9 - Hike Snowdon (1085m)
  • Day 10 - Drive to London

The trickiest aspect will be the tight schedule, and the weather - we will have to climb rain or shine, or skip a mountain under extreme conditions!

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