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3 Peaks - Day 2 - Brascote to the Lake District

August 12, 2023

We have an early breakfast with Grandma Anne and leave for the Lake District around 9am.

An uneventful drive to the Lakes, and we arrive at Waterfoot Park for 2 nights and our rest day!

We set camp, figuring out how to deploy the awning and how the various hook ups work and then take a walk into Pooley Bridge for a drink before dinner, followed by dinner at a pub in the village.

When we had checked into campsite the lady behind the desk asked if I’d been to Pooley Bridge before, when I said not for a long time, she joked that they have a new bridge since they last time I was there. Confused I just laughed along and said goodbye. After walking to the pub, it turns out they do have a new bridge because the original collapsed in 2015 after a storm!

Distance Driven: 200 miles

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