Breakfast in the hotel again of bagels and coffee. Mad French-Canadian woman is still there chatting away in ‘French’ to strangers.

We checkout and drive along Haight Street to the park and try to drive through the park. It’s mostly closed because of the women’s marathon today and so we head down to the water front but that’s closed off too! We drive back up the park and cross over it on the main road and down the other side. This time we still can’t get right up to the front but we can drive south next to the sea which is the direction we want to head.

After finding a parking space we cross the path of the runners and walk along the promenade. The beach looks like there’s been an oil spill or something as it’s very dark and doesn’t look very nice. Not how I remember it. Decide to walk on the promenade instead of the beach itself.

After the walk we drive down to West Portal, as I used to go there when I was studying over here, for some lunch. We find a nice pizza place and order a mini and a small plus salads to start. The small pizza is huge and we see a whole family order just one between them! We soldier on and finish as much as we can.

After lunch we drive to the airport and drop the car off with plenty of time. Once we check it we take a beer while writing post cards. Ordering the beer turns into a complete saga as the bar maid is deaf! I feel very sorry for her as it’s obviously difficult for her, but at the same time just want a beer! In the end I resort to writing down the order on a post-it pad.

It’s been a superb if not intensive holiday and we’ve enjoyed it immensely. Hopefully we’ll come back again at some point and spend some more time at the Evergreen Lodge.

The total scores are: Days : 9 Distance : 1671.8 Miles Gas bill : $365.50 (£244.70)