Ha Long Bay

After a 3 hour layover we board our flight to London. Hanoi airport isn’t anything to shout about so we’re keen to get moving.

It’s a night flight so we all do our best to sleep, that works to begin with even with Coca Cola fueled children. Once it’s time to get up in Vietnam though, we’re all awake and reading or watching the entertainment.

Arrival at Heathrow is pretty smooth apart from a really slow family queue at passport control which had us all on edge.

Our taxi driver was waiting and we swiftly exited the airport and made our way home.

It’s been such an amazing trip and we’ve loved every second. Vietnam is a vibrant, spectacular and fascinating country with welcoming, honest and hardworking people and some really mouthwatering food. No wonder Vietnam has seen such a rise in tourism over recent years. We can’t recommend visiting more highly.

A perfect family adventure which we’ll remember for the rest of our lives!