Our usual 8am start. We packed and serviced the camper, much quicker now we know how to do everything! Whilst I’m servicing the camper, the kids nip to the shop and buy 3 peaks patches for their backpacks. On wards to England!


We had a few unscheduled stops along the way, first because toilet door catch has stuck, and the door keeps flapping about when we go around corners, very distracting. Next I hit and smashed the case for the wing mirror along the tight stretch of road next to Loch Lomond - rather unfortunate. Glad I bought the extra insurance!

Smashed Wing Mirror

We stop at a lovely village called Luss for lunch, parking up next to a monster motor home which looks like it could literally go anywhere.

Beast Motor Home

We headed to the restaurant, which was thankfully very welcoming to dogs, Einy made it to their insta page.

After lunch the kids buy books to keep them entertained on the journey. Alex has bought one on camping in the wild, so we’re treated to a string of fascinating facts and plans for bike packing for the rest of the journey.

We drive on, forgetting that sun roof is open until we get onto the main road, so we have to sort that out.

In our ongoing saga to refill the gas bottle I’ve that the B&Q in Glasgow is a Flogas stockist, so we’d scheduled a stop on the way past. It turns out B&Q glasgow do stock Flogas but not the kind we need. We give up on refilling the gas and keep our fingers crossed it won’t run out.

As we’re getting closer to the camp site we pass Sellafield and see the sea. We do get a little concerned we can’t see mountains when we are only 20 mins away! In the last 10 mins of the journey however, we turn a corner and head towards the hills, finally arriving at 7.30pm.

The camp site is about 5 miles from the bottom of Scafell and I’d emailed ahead to find the best way to get there. They had told me there was a shuttle bus service running, and we’d seen signs for it on the way to the camp site. We’d originally planned to walk the whole way with the shuttle bus as a backup option, but after Ben Nevis, we’re thinking maybe we’ll take the bus! On check in, it turns out the shuttle bus didn’t get funding for mid week operation, so we are left with the option of walking or hitch-hiking as the motor home is too big for the single track lane. Since we’d expected to walk the whole way we decide to do that.

We made camp while Alex perfected the half hitch and various others knots from his camping book to create a contraption that lifts Einy’s crate. It will be 25km tomorrow so after dinner, washing up and showers, it’s time for bed.

Camp set up

We’re all in bed for 21:30 but it’s a busy campsite so shouts and kids playing until well after dark.

Distance Driven: 250 miles